Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

This blog has moved

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my blog has moved to my new website!!!

Here you will be able to continue to follow the blog, view my portfolio and keep up to date with me and my work. Thank you all for reading and please be sure to update your bookmarks.
Thank you all! Petra

Samstag, 29. März 2014

Uppercase Magazine - Surface Pattern Design Guide 2014

I'm feeling so very grateful to Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton and their ABSPD course! I've taken all three modules so far and currently doing module 4 and I've learned so much from them and my classmates and I would say it was the best investment I made towards going forward with my business dream! Without this course the patterns which you now can find in the Surface Pattern Design Guide 2014 would not be there! Big THANKS to you!

And the magazine is out now! Click here to read it online where you can find me on page 59! So many others of my classmates are in there too!
The print version will be released in April and I'm super happy that in May 2014 it will make it's way into the hands of visitors at the big trade show Surtex in New York! Isn't that wonderful!
I'm so happy to know that at least some of my work will be there instead of myself:-)

Freitag, 14. März 2014

Student Showcase

I've been featured on the student showcase today on the makeitindesign blog.
All the 3 modules of the ABSPD courses have really inspired me to start my own business and get my label 'Perunoto' out into the world!

Scared of google

Made a google+ account recently just to be able to open a link and see some nice pics from a friend of mine. But then I immediatly decided to delete my profil because I was scared about how google is collecting and connecting all pictures, even not public ones from picasa and everything they can find of you in the web and  just making it public. So, I deleted my google+ profil and now I see that all my pics which I uploaded on this blog are also deleted  :-(
I'm sorry that you're not able to see my pictures anymore today. I'm doing the upload again by hand, every single blog post...

Montag, 10. März 2014

Uppercase Magazine

I was so excited and happy when I got the email from the Uppercase Magazine a few days ago which say that I'll be included in the upcoming Surface Pattern Design Guide in issue #21! The issue will be released in early April to all the subscribers and stockists worldwide. Also a limited amount of copies will be sent to Surtex, which runs from May 18 to the 20th in New York City. And I am included in the magazine, how cool is that!
This is the first time for me to be featured somewhere and it just feels so great to be given credit for all my hard work lately. I feel so proud to have been selected! I was thrilled... I jumped around...and danced around!

You can subscribe to the magazine to get your copy. I share my special code with you where you will get  $15 off a subscription. Follow this link and input this code at checkout to get the discount: "USPDG2014".

Here's a video about the upcoming guide:

Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Wrapping Paper / Deco Paper

One of my plans for 2014 is to show up at several design markets to present and sell my work. "Beatbasar" in Heidelberg at the end of April is the very first I'm going to apply for!
There will be a lot of beautiful handmade goods and if I'll get accepted, this new wrapping paper will be there with me too (among other nice paper and textile things...). 

These are exciting times, just phoned with a nice woman from a print shop this morning. Waiting for the email to receive her offering and the prizes :-) 
...Can't wait to choose a nice paper for these designs!

Have a nice sunny day all of you!

Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

New Notebooks for you

Four of my patterns are now available as Notebooks in my online shop. Inspired by shapes and elements from a trip through Mexico. I hope you like them!