Samstag, 28. September 2013

A new collection

I need a day with 42 hours or so...

I`m still so behind with all the exercises from the ABSPD Class. But at least I finished a collection this night from an exercise of week 3...(can you tell me how to work from home with a toddler who is never resting...?!)

Tomorrow I´m a few days off for hiking. The deadline for The Graduate Showcase submission is 10th October. I think I cannot manage to finish all the exercises from class until then but at least I want to have a few really cool designs until then. I want to be in the situation that I cannot decide which one to submit :-)

I produced tons of layouts for this collection, so I just submitted a few of them for the current Tigerprint Competition. Wish me luck!
That's it for today. Puh. TIRED. But satisfied to finished at least one thing on my endless to do list:-) See you in a week! My night will be short, have to get up early to pack my bags:-)

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