Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

Dekumo 2013

Hi! My weekend was pretty busy but I could manage to visit "Dekumo 2013" in Stuttgart today!

It's a craft fair for design, art and fashion, held once a year, always around christmas time so it was perfect to get some pretty christmas gifts. There were so many beautiful things to see. Fashion, jewelry,furniture, accessories, bags, paintings, greeting cards, stationary, art.
So I went there to have some fun with shopping but also to see all the stall presentations. I really want to attend this fair next year too, so my second look was how all the different designers presented themselves, their products and their stalls.

A few lessons I've learned:
Focus your brand. Some stalls were just too colorful, too crafty, too many different products, this looks not very professional. So focusing on a theme makes sense and a much more unified image. Some stalls had their products without price tags, but people feel not always comfortable in asking for the prices. Also the packaging is really really important. It can turn the simplest things into a real beautiful gift! Too many stalls looked similar, it's important to give the stall life and seperate it from all the others. A good way is to not put a table all along the front covered with your stock. If it is a walk in stall it gives the booth much more life and the use of layers and different levels on a table, different heights makes it easier for people to see what you have! And how you present yourself also affects how you will sell your products!

Like I said before, I really want to attend next year but until then my first goal and step is to open an etsy/ daWanda shop and put some items there and build up a homepage! 
There is so much to think about now! Good night! It's late!

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