Samstag, 4. Januar 2014


I've ordered sew in labels from cottontrends . They arrived today and I'm so unhappy! 
The disappointing things: I have to cut them all out by myself, I thought I would get them already cutted. Hm okay... Then the logo is not woven or embroidered. Just printed on cotton, it looks cheap and not of high quality and the surface looks glossy. Not pretty at all! Aaaah!
So I ordered again, from a german company called Dortex. It was more expensive but they offer you
personalized woven textile labels, you can fold them in the middle and sew it into a seam of your item. 
Looking forward to get them soon! So next on the to do list is to choose which designs to order on fabric and finally start producing and set up an etsy/DaWanda shop! 
Here is a bad quality pic with bad light in the middle of the night. But just to see what I'm talking about...

>> fingers crossed for the next round from dortex!

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